CJ-1 ...starting at $109.99
Over 35 Champions Tour Players Put the
Hopkins CJ-1 in Play During the 2013 Season.
LoftBounceSwing WeightLengthLie
46 8 D3 351/2" 640
48 8 D3 351/2" 640
50 8 D4 353/8" 640
52 8 D4 353/8" 640
54 12 D4 351/4" 640
56 14 D6 351/4" 640
58 12 D6 351/8" 640
60 12 D6 351/8" 640
60wide 8 D6 347/8" 640
62wide 8 D6 347/8" 640
64wide 8 D6 347/8" 640
The Face
The grooves on the CJ-1 have maximum
USGA dimensions for greatest achievable spin.
The CJ-1 milled face pattern creates maximum
surface roughness for even more spin.
The CJ-1 is made from 8620 carbon steel and comes in 3 finishes.
Satin Chrome
The Satin Chrome CJ-1 has a brushed chromed finish to reduce
glare and to prevent the clubhead from rusting.
Tour Raw
The Tour Raw CJ-1 is the most popular finish among Tour players.
It is unchromed for great feel and is designed to rust over time.
Black Satin
The Black Satin CJ-1 has a chromed dark finish to reduce
glare and to prevent the clubhead from rusting.
*not available left handed
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